Why Choose us?

Product Designing and Development

Not all customer requirements are the same. We at Veefab Fashions understand this and as a result, Design development and sampling forms a core part of our operations and is a key differential in the way we do business. We take assistance of qualified designers for creating innovative designs for various shirting fabrics, printed fabrics and other value-added fabrics. The ongoing design development and extensive design database enable us to be a trendsetter in the market. We undertake lab tests for developing new shades and for setting different finishes in various fabrics.

Competitive Pricing

While designing our products, we keep in mind the needs and purchasing power of the final consumer of our products. For this, we meet our customers in overseas markets regularly and try to find out the needs and purchasing power of the consumers. This has enabled Veefab Fashions to design cost effective products with the highest possible quality standards and thereby increasing the foothold in the markets.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a fundamental and non-negotiable part of the way we do business. We continuously focus our activities and allied practices on the concept of “get it right-first time and every time”. To do so, our products are rigorously and often checked for quality standards and process deviations. The process starts by checking the quality of the griege fabric when it is on the looms. Our “10 Point Checklist” ensures that the fabric we designed is the one that is getting weaved. Once the weaving is complete, the greige fabric is checked once again before being sent for processing. During the processing, processed samples are analyzed and compared with the approved samples from the client. On request, these samples are sent to the client for further approval. Post processing, the finished fabric is checked once again to check any weaving defects or any other defects and packed according to client instructions.

Timely Delivery

Our relations with various suppliers, gives us the capability to process over 50 lakh meters of fabric per month. This allows Veefab Fashions to react faster to changes of the clients demands and factor any environmental changes. This enables Veefab Fashions to execute orders in a timely manner, so that the clients can meet their fashion timelines.